What’s in the Box?

These virtually indestructible houses created using Qpanel technology are outfitted with excellent ventilation, windows, doors, waterproofing, paint, bathroom and kitchen options. Our buildings are living proof that low cost structures can incorporate high quality materials, thoughtful design and proven durability. Perfect for demountable & permanent housing, emergency or disaster relief shelter, military barracks, remote camp locations and construction offices. They are firerated, secure and low maintenance, and can be delivered anywhere in the world. A modest, single family house that can endure hurricanes, earthquakes and other catastrophic events.

Each 36m2 house is equipped with the following:

QPanel walls (configuration of 600 x 3000mm panel): 50mm thick pre-fabricated made out of light weight concrete core composed of portland cement, binders, siliceous & micaceous material aggregate with Tongue & Groove arrangement with two 4mm thick fibre reinforced cement facing sheets on either side of the core.

Qtop roof: In optional gable or pyramid style using Qpanel technology. Ceiling sheets and frame to design height.

Floor and ceiling channels: Galvanised iron channels in 1mm thick of size 14x50x25mm as floor channel & 38x50x38mm as ceiling channel will be used for fixing to the floor and top of the wall respectively.

Structural steel, hardware and components (if applicable to design): Fabrication & supply of Structural steel with all components & hardware to suit to design. Trusses & purlins will be connected to columns with joint plates and components. All the steel members will be painted with red-oxide primer.

Windows frames and shutters: Size 1200mm x 1200mm (x3), Size 900mm x 1200mm (x1), Window frame supply 1.2mm thick cold rolled section of 40 x 50 x 28mm with 8mm burglar bars horizontal at every 150 mm centres and fixed with two hinges and two handles. Supply of 4mm thick glass in M.S.shutter.

Doors frames and shutters: Size 900mm x 2100mm (x1), Size 750mm x 2100mm (x4), Door frame supply 1.2 mm thick cold rolled steel, Sections of size 40 x 50 x 40mm, Supply of 32mm thick hard core flush door of BW - grade including painting, one aldrop, one door stop, two handles, one latch in chrome plated.

Ventilators: Supply of 1.2mm cold rolled steel section of 40 x 50 x 28mm with M.S.grill.

Lintels: For door and windows using 25mm angle and plain cement sheet of 6mm thick (x4).

Painting for structure as appropriate: (a) Painting of Qpanel internal walls with one coat of Cement primer and two coats of Synthetic/Acrylic paint (OBD): (b) External walls with one coat of cement primer and two coats of Exterior Acrylic paint or equivalent Anti fungus paint.

Waterproofing for structure as appropriate: Polyurethane based paste will be provided in all roof joints.

Bathroom: with toilet access and basin.

Kitchen: with work bench, bowl and storage.

Freight and insurance: for international freight of structure (Factory to Port).

Support: All QPanel Australia products are supported by agreed on-site installation supervision and 24-hour building and technical support – Australia-wide.

q panel logoOptional Features

A wide range of options are available with House-in-the-Box structures. We can also source specific product for clients at the most competitive pricing available. For further information, please contact a QPanel Australia Sales Representative via our Contact Page.

Qpanel framed floor designed for 36m2 house is available as an alternative to slab floor.

Products, materials and systems used are continually reviewed for improvement and subject to change. Please confirm content at time of purchase.