Advances in Manufacturing

The QPanel manufacturing plant has undergone a complete overhaul of the process to enable more efficient, computerised production for the 21st Century.

Advances enable an increase in production of almost 400% with raw materials and machinery monitored in 'real time' by remote computer management. The new methods also allow for automatic pouring and faster curing times, delivering product to Clients within days of order placement.

Factories installed with the new technology achieve environmental standards that exceed international requirements. State of the Art testing equipment is built into the plant providing quality analysis on panel produced.

New production options include pre-framing of sheets with reinforced steel mesh sheets, decorative cladding and corporate engraving.

The modern process, the first redesign of QPanel production completed since the early 1990's, has been successfully tested in Australia, with the first mass production facility currently being installed in Indonesia under Fox Hornibrook management and ownership.

Advancements in the technology are now available via our new license partners.

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